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Vehicle owners in Vienna, WV, want their up and running as soon as possible after a major collision. Established in 1980, First Quality Collision Center provides high-quality and affordable major collision repair services. These services include high-quality color matching to restore your vehicle to its condition before the accident. Call us today at (740) 373-9303 or contact us onlie to learn more.

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First Quality Collision Center Offers Top-Notch Color Matching

Auto body repair services have come a long way with recent advancements, including the ability to match paint colors. At First Quality Collision Center, we equip our mechanics with the technology needed to achieve the right paint color. Using the right color matching tools ensures the repair job looks immaculate for Vienna, WV, customers.

We Proudly Provide Vehicle Alignment Serving the Vienna, WV Area

Proper wheel alignment improves your vehicle’s performance, tire life, and fuel economy. Scheduled alignments ensure your vehicle’s wheels are correctly aligned. First Quality Collision Center uses modern wheel alignment technology to perform alignments for our customers in Vienna, WV. Bring your car to First Quality Collision Center, and our technicians will check your wheel alignment.

Our Staff Offers Major Collision Services for Customers

First Quality Collision Center offers superior major collision repairs for different car and truck makes and models. If your vehicle is involved in a major collision, our experienced technicians will have it running safely again. Before the work begins, we thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure everything is covered, including any hidden damages. We notify you of any additional damage we discover and send a free estimate. Only after your authorization do we perform the repairs.
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